BEAMS Pleated Embossed Shorts

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Size (cm) Waist Hip
S size 80.5 120
M size 83 125
L size 92 132
XL size 95 135
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart
Material: Body: 60% cotton, 40% linen
Embroidery part: 100% polyester Separate cloth: 100% cotton
<BEAMS PLUS> 2 pleated shorts featuring a silky texture made of strong twisted yarn and linen, and a firm feeling due to high density. A herringbone material that uses gas-baked cotton for the warp threads and linen for the weft threads. By gas-baking cotton, fluff is removed and the luster of hemp is enhanced.
Furthermore, the classic paisley embroidery with an American traditional atmosphere is applied, and it is finished in <BEAMS PLUS> original embroidery fabric. The airy and wide silhouette can be worn comfortably in hot weather.

Model: H 177 cm W 68 kg Size: M